Recycled Tires Popular on Playgrounds

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scrap tires on playgrounds, crumb tires, recyclingClimbing structures and swings made of old tires have long been a part of playgrounds. One of our most popular blog posts continues to be on building a tire swing. However, old tires are finding yet another purpose on playgrounds.

Old tires, also known as scrap tires, are being recycled and crumbed for a safer, more shock absorbent foundation under playground equipment. Crumbed tires join sand and wood chips as popular playground foundations.

The TireZoo recycles old tires, and you can read more here about the life cycle of tires.

What is your favorite use for an old tire? Have you seen something really unique you can share in the comments?


Living Off the Grid with the Help from Tires

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Efforts to reuse, recycle, and re-purpose items is constantly evolving as we figure out ways to do more than just turn old paper into new paper. Scientists, architects and environmentalists have been working toward making sustainable living more mainstream, as we reevaluate the demands of Americans and our consumer habits. While living off the grid isn’t on the minds of every American, it is increasing in popularity and probability.

The millions of old tires produced and discarded in the United States have found a role in the creation and building plans of what people commonly call Earthships. These buildings are self-sustaining and are made out of what many would term junk; glass bottles, plastic containers, and tires. Tires are used in the foundation of many of these Earthships, and detailed systems are incorporated to provide water from rain and electricity from solar panels. There are many videos on YouTube highlighting some of the Earthships being built, but here is one from the Tulsa, New Mexico area where an entire community of Earthships exists.

Have you seen an Earthship before? Would you or could you live out of a self-sustaining home like this?


Tires on Pinterest

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Are tires a subject of interest? Yes!

And the fantastic ideas shared on Pinterest proves it. If you love art, creative uses for old items like tires, or simply need a rainy day project, Pinterest is full of amazing images to get your creative juices flowing. Check out some of the great uses people have thought of for old tires on Pinterest!

Old tire craft ideas on pinterest

Are you on Pinterest? Have you thought of a new idea for old tires? We’d love to hear from you!

Be a Part of Earth Day 2012

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Earth Day April 22, 2012 TireZoo MN Recycle TiresEarth Day is Sunday,  April 22, 2012 this year. If you have tires in your garage or shed, Earth Day is the perfect time to haul them out. Depending on the tires you have, the TireZoo may be able to help.

Old “Spent” Tires

If you have old tires that you are simply storing because you have no use for them anymore, they should be recycled. You can do your part by getting them out of the shed or rubbish and bringing them in for recycling. At the TireZoo, we ship the ‘spent’ tires to a reputable recycler. The tires are shredded or made into crumbs and are used to produce a wide variety of new products! Click here for more about our tire recycling. There is a $3.00 tire disposal fee.

One company doing some really neat things with old “spent” tires is “Flat Tire Decor” in Wisconsin.  Their newest product is their Tube Tote, which is a cool tool carrier. Do you know of a fun new product or project using old tires? Let us know in the comments!

Quality Used Tires

If you have quality used tires in your garage or on a car you’re planning to get rid of, bring the tires in to either of our locations (Bloomington or Anoka, MN) and we’ll make you an offer! We pay top dollar for used tires in good condition. What are you waiting for?

Get a jump on Earth Day 2012! Visit for more ideas on how to join the millions of people world-side celebrate Earth Day.

Plant Your Garden, In a Tire?

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Poor PotatoesHave you heard about planting in old tires? As more people look for creative ways to live green and garden in limited space, they come up with new ways to use old items such as tires. One popular method of gardening with tires is to plant root vegetables that need space to grow downward. For people with limited space, old tires can be stacked to accommodate lack of space.

In his article, “A new use for old tires: A garden using tires” Charles Sanders gives tips on how and why using tires is great for gardening.

Do you have a picture of a tire garden? Please post it on our Facebook page!

photo credit: Tony Buser

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